new boilers glasgow

New boilers Glasgow


If you are looking for a new boiler in the Glasgow area, you have reached the right place. We partner with the best gas safe registered engineers in Central Scotland to provide for your boiler needs at very competitive prices.

Whether your existing boiler has given up working and you need a boiler repair, or you’re considering having the boiler replaced altogether, you won’t find a more efficient and customer-friendly service.

Using our site, you can get a quote for a new boiler in under a minute without having to fill out any complicated forms or wait on a callback. Instead, within just a few clicks, you will have a fixed price for several new boilers, all easily installed no matter where you are.

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Glasgow combi boiler installation

Combi boilers Glasgow

Now the most popular type of gas boiler in the UK, the combi boiler provides heating and hot water from a single appliance. With no need for a hot water tank, you will save quite a bit of space. And you’ll also save money on your energy bills compared to an inefficient boiler.

There are also some really stylish looking combi boilers on the market at the moment, so much so that you wouldn’t have to have it “boxed in” to a cupboard if this was going to be an inconvenience.

Getting a new combi boiler is incredibly simple these days, thanks to advances in technology. You no longer have to wait around at home for an appointment to find out how much it will cost. Instead, your new boiler quote can be delivered on-screen in just seconds.

Our installation partners have access to the best combi boiler deals in the UK, and with top quality gas safe engineers based in and around Glasgow – getting these new combi boilers fitted quickly is a doddle.

System boilers fitted in Glasgow

system boiler installation Glasgow

Of course, you may already have a system boiler with a hot water tank that you want to stick with, which is also a great option. Designed for homes where there is a high demand for hot water, system boilers can help deliver a high flow of hot water to multiple taps and showers at the same time.

We see a lot of gas system boilers getting installed in the Glasgow area, and most of these new boilers are coming with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.

If you are looking for a system boiler to be installed in or around Glasgow, it’s well worth checking out the pricing, which is currently available online, as you might be surprised at how much you could save.

Boiler brands available in Glasgow

boiler brands in Glasgow
Worcester bosch boilers Glasgow

Worcester Bosch

One of the most popular brands in the central heating industry, Worcester Bosch boilers are particularly popular in the Glasgow area.

If you pick the right installer, you can get a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on a Worcester Bosch boiler, giving you total peace of mind for years to come.

The best way to get a new Worcester Bosch boiler at the lowest price is by using a company that can give you an instant online boiler replacement quote.

This way, there’s no messing around with salespeople, and you’ll have your new Worcester Bosch boiler installed the day if required.

Ideal heating glasgow

Ideal Boilers Glasgow

Ideal Heating is a long-established gas boiler manufacturer based in Hull. Their boilers are pretty popular in Glasgow due to their excellent reliability and ability to be fitted neatly into kitchen cupboards.

If you are looking for a quality, British built boiler but perhaps want to save a little bit of money compared to Worcester, a new gas boiler from Ideal might be the perfect match.

Depending on the installer you choose, you will benefit from extended warranties up to 10 years in some cases.

viessmann boilers glasgow

Viessmann Boilers Glasgow

Another boiler that is proving to be quite popular in Central Scotland and Glasgow specifically is Viessmann. Most of their boilers are made in Germany to a very high standard, and they are available at a reasonable price.

Not quite as compact as an Ideal Logic boiler, Viessmann boilers require a little bit more space for installation.

alpha boilers glasgow

Alpha, one the best new boilers: Glasgow

Alpha are a boiler manufacturer which has set tongues wagging in the heating industry.

Another well-established manufacturer, Alpha boilers, are currently being sold at a very competitive price with a 10 year warranty.

This is unusual because typically, “budget” boilers come with a 2 or 3 year warranty, 5 years if you’re lucky.

We’re not sure how long they’ll keep this 10 year warranty offer going. So if you’re in the market for a boiler and you want to keep costs to an absolute minimum whilst still benefitting from an extended warranty period, it’s well worth checking out Alpha.

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Get a great price for a range of quality boilers in under a minute

Upgrading your central heating system

Upgrading your central heating system

Depending on the type of gas boiler you want, your existing central heating system may need to be upgraded. This could be a simple pipework modification, through to more extensive upgrade works.

This is often due to extremely old central heating system pipework being incompatible with a brand new boiler. Or the old boiler not complying with up to date energy efficiency regulations.

The good news is that these eventualities are all catered for, and the Glasgow based gas engineers employed by our partners keep an extensive van stock to help them deal with whatever central heating systems they come up against.

Rest assured, the price you get online is the price you will pay, so no matter what the gas safe registered engineer finds on the day of the boiler installation, your price is fixed, and you will not pay a penny more.

New boilers Glasgow: how does it work?

1) Get your instant boiler quote

The first step in getting your new boiler is to find out how much it will cost. You can do this quickly and easily by clicking any of the links on our website. You will then be asked a few simple questions, which are answered by tapping on your phone/tablet/computer mouse.

2) View new boiler options

Now that you can see all of the new boiler quotes on-screen, it’s time to decide which one suits you best. All of the pricing, manufacturer’s warranty, and payment options will be displayed, and if you have any questions at that stage, you can use the live chat function or call a freephone number for some help.

3) Decide on a new boiler and book the new boiler installation

Once you have decided which new boiler you want to have installed, it’s effortless to book the installation. You will see a calendar with timeslots for new boiler installations for Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Simply click or tap on the most convenient day to have your new boiler fitted.

4) Arrange payment for your new boiler

Once you have picked your installation date, you will be given several options to pay for your new boiler, including credit or debit card, as well as finance options. If you are interested in boiler finance, you will be taken through a short online application where an instant decision will be given.

5) Day of the boiler installation

On the day of the boiler installation, your Glasgow based gas safe approved heating engineers will attend to fit your new boiler. They won’t waste any time getting started and will have you up and running in the shortest time possible whilst ensuring that your home is kept clean and tidy. Dust sheets will be laid down, and your gas engineer will display the highest level of gas safety awareness.

6) After the installation is complete

Your gas safe registered engineer will remove your old boiler and any mess related to the installation, and they will give you a friendly run-through of the new boiler controls. After the engineer has left, if you have any questions or problems, the installation company will remain available for assistance via phone, email or live chat. Any issues, no matter how small, will be dealt with rapidly.

We can say this confidently, as our partners have several thousand 5 star reviews on Trustpilot commending them for their customer care.

Need a boiler price now?

Get a great price for a range of quality boilers in under a minute

Other heating services available in Glasgow

Boiler servicing

Boiler servicing Glasgow

It’s well known that an annual boiler service is vital to keep your boiler running safely and efficiently, and yet, it often falls down the pecking order of things to get done at home.

As our name suggests, we specialise in finding the best deals on new boilers, Glasgow area and beyond. Still, we also help consumers find a great deal on their annual boiler service by partnering with the best local engineers who are all gas safe registered.

We know you want your boiler service to be quick and easy to book and at a fair price, so we highly recommend checking out our.

Boiler repairs

boiler repairs glasgow

A boiler replacement is not always necessary if your existing boiler is broken and in need of repair.

Often, boiler repairs are relatively simple to carry out depending on the age of your boiler and the availability of spare parts.

We have a strong network of gas safe approved repair engineers throughout Glasgow and beyond who are specialists at carrying out boiler repairs quickly and cost-effectively.

In addition to gas boiler repairs, our network of gas safe heating engineers can carry out repairs to most gas appliances.

We get a lot of Glow-Worm boiler repair requests. If you have a Glow-Worm boiler in need of repair, please let us know, and we will point you in the right direction to getting it sorted.

LPG boilers Glasgow

lpg boilers glasgow

In addition to natural gas boilers, we can help you find the best deal on new LPG boilers.

Although LPG boilers appear to be very similar to a natural gas boiler, there are several significant differences concerning the installation and commissioning procedures compared to natural gas appliances. You must use suitably qualified LPG heating engineers to ensure gas safety.

The process of getting a quote for LPG boilers installed in Glasgow is precisely the same as it is for a gas boiler. Simply make sure you select “LPG” when asked what kind of fuel source your property uses.

Smart thermostat installation in Glasgow

smart thermostat installation glasgow

A great way to ensure the maximum efficiency of your boiler and to save on your annual energy bills, smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Most boilers are compatible with smart thermostats, and the installation usually takes around an hour to complete.

If your system can control the heating and hot water separately, then the installation may take a little bit longer due to the slightly more complex setup required.

Once your smart thermostat is installed, you will immediately notice how convenient it is to control your heating from anywhere, particularly when you are planning to arrive home earlier than expected on a cold day.

And if you set up high-efficiency heating on/off scheduling, you will benefit from lower fuel bills as well.

Need a boiler price now?

Get a great price for a range of quality boilers in under a minute