best combi boiler the worcester bosch greenstar 8000

Best Combi Boilers In 2021: Which Should You Choose?


Need a new boiler and unsure which is the best boiler to buy? Don’t panic. Our buying guide provides the information you need to help you decide between the best combi boilers from the top boiler manufacturers.

Everyone’s needs are different, and so, rather than compile one extensive list of boilers, we have suggested what we think are the best combi boilers in a range of different categories. This way, the information in our guide is much more helpful for people looking to get a boiler installed.

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For example, the best combi boiler for someone who has multiple bathrooms may not be the best for someone who has limited space.

Of course, we do also have a “best combi boiler overall” category where we list our three personally recommended combi boilers. But please bear in mind that the number one boiler on the “best overall” list may not be the most suitable central heating boiler for your circumstances.

And it’s also worth noting that a system boiler may be more suitable for your home than a combination boiler in some scenarios.

Feel free to check out our guide to knowing which type of boiler you should choose, including system boilers, here.

Best combi boiler overall

Winner: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi (30kW)

In deciding the best combi boiler overall, we have compared the most widely available and best combi boilers on the market today.

We compared the best combi boilers against each other on a “like for like” basis, and we have assumed you will have the boiler installed in a three-bedroom, one bathroom, semi-detached home.

If you have a specific requirement for your new boiler, such as multiple bathrooms, please read on as we cover the best combi boilers for different scenarios later in this guide.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 combi in white and black

1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi (30kW)

Worcester Bosch’s flagship combi boiler range, the Greenstar 8000 Combi, is the best combi boiler on the market today, in our opinion.

Thought of as one of the best combi boiler brands, we’ve looked at the whole package, from price to performance, and from size to style, and everything else in between.


  • Reliability. Worcester Bosch’s flagship 8000 combi boiler range boasts some of the most reliable combi boilers available on the market today. We think reliability is the most crucial factor when deciding on the best combi boiler to buy.
  • You could have the best boiler on paper, but if it isn’t reliable, it isn’t any good.

Which? Have described Greenstar 8000 Style as having “Peerless reliability”, and Worcester are the only boiler manufacturers that consistently scores 5/5 for reliability in the Which? Magazine ratings.

  • Performance. In 30kW output, the Greenstar 8000 Style provides a solid hot water flow rate of 12.3 litres per minute (@ 35 degrees). 

Only the Ideal Logic+ C30 narrowly exceeds this figure with a flow rate of 12.4 litres per minute, bearing in mind that you will never notice 0.01 litres per minute of a difference.

The Greenstar 8000 Style Combi is also available in larger outputs for homes with higher hot water demands (35kW, 40kW, 45kW, 50kW, 55kW, 60kW). This allows for a suitable combi boiler installation in most scenarios.

  • Style. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Style 8000 Combi is in a league of its own. With its curved edges and modern design available in black or white, this combi boiler really does set the standard for style.

So much so that you probably wouldn’t want to hide this new boiler away, as is usually the case with other boilers. It would be a stylish addition to any kitchen, and it is by far the best looking combi boiler available on the market today.

  • Warranty. The Greenstar 8000 Style Combi comes with a ten-year warranty as standard, providing a Worcester system filter is fitted at the same time as the new boiler.
  • Aftercare. Worcester Bosch Boilers benefit from the most comprehensive aftercare services among the combi boiler manufacturers. Open 364 days of the year, they boast a well-staffed office-based technical support team, as well as having plenty of manufacturer trained boiler engineers in the field.

The fact is, with a Worcester boiler, you’re probably not going to need much in the way of aftercare service. But if you do, it’s nice to know that the boiler manufacturers themselves will be able to respond quickly to issues you may have with your new boiler.


  • Price. As you would expect, the best new boiler on the market is also one of the most expensive.

However, we would challenge you to think carefully about this as a few hundred quid extra might be worth paying for a new boiler that you will have for more than a decade.

  • Size. It’s a big boiler unlikely to fit in a small kitchen cupboard. And this means it may not be suitable for your home depending on the space you have available. Dimensions (mm) H 780, W 440, D 365.


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi is the best new boiler available on the market today. It’s a high performing and highly reliable boiler, and it looks fantastic too. 

If you don’t have any tight space constraints, and you can stomach the slightly higher initial cost, we’d advise you to pick this stylish beast of a combi boiler.

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Ideal Logic plus combi

2. Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi

The Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi sits in the middle of Ideal’s range and is an excellent option for many homeowners.

We picked the Logic+ and not the premium Vogue combi boiler range because we felt that the Vogue combi boiler edges dangerously close to Worcester territory in terms of price. Still, the seemingly small step-up in quality and performance does not justify being selected in place of the better value Logic+.


  • Reliability. Let’s come right out with it. For years Ideal have toiled with a poor reputation caused by their old combi boiler, the “Isar”.

The Ideal Isar wasn’t a great boiler, but that was a long time ago, and things have improved dramatically since then. To be fair to Ideal, they produced decent boilers before the Isar, too.

One bad boiler is all it takes to harm boiler manufacturers for years to come. Baxi suffered a similar problem with the “Bahama” boiler, as did Vokera with their “Unica” model in the early 2000s.

Like Ideal, both Baxi and Vokera appear to have now put things right.

Our current opinion on the reliability of the Ideal Logic+ is that it is a reliable boiler. Boiler installers have fitted thousands of them over the last few years, and we don’t tend to hear of too many problems. It will probably not be as reliable as a Worcester Greenstar 8000, though.

  • Performance. In 30kW output, the Logic+ C30 Combi provides a robust hot water flow rate of 12.4 litres per minute (@ 35 degrees). It’s also one of the most efficient combi boilers.

This is the highest hot water flow rate in our list of boilers and is one of the main reasons why this boiler is at number 2 in our rankings.

For homes with higher hot water demands, the Logic+ Combi is also available in 35kW.

  • Style. The Logic+ C30 Combi is a smart-looking boiler. With its gloss white surfaces and discreet yet appealing blue LED-backlit display, this boiler is smart enough to display in a kitchen without the need for boxing in.

It’s never going to look as stylish as the Worcester Bosch 8000, but then again, no boiler does. And perhaps the way your boiler looks isn’t important to you, anyway! 

  • Warranty. The Logic+ C30 Combi comes with a seven-year warranty as standard, but if you choose a quality installer, you’ll get a ten-year warranty.
  • You don’t have to fit a magnetic filter with this boiler to get the full warranty, but many good heating companies fit a magnetic filter at no extra cost.
  • Aftercare. Ideal provide good aftercare service. They have a dedicated technical support line, as well as Ideal-trained boiler engineers in the field.

Like Worcester, Ideal’s customer support lines are open 364 days of the year for added peace of mind.

  • Price. The Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi is one of the most reasonably priced boilers on the market. This makes it somewhat of a bargain when considering that this is a high performance, reliable boiler.
  • Size. Another plus point for the Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi is its compact dimensions. It will fit inside a kitchen cupboard. 

There won’t be many homes out there where this boiler would struggle to fit. Dimensions (mm) H 700, W 395, D 275.


  • The warranty could be longer. At seven years, this boiler will always struggle to compete against the manufacturers offering ten years. A “Logic Max” model is available, which comes with a 10-year warranty (+ magnetic filter) out of the box. But this boiler is around £300 more expensive than the Logic+. 

Remember, this Ideal Logic+ will come with a ten-year warranty and a magnetic filter if installed by a top quality installer.


The Ideal Logic+ Combi C30 is a great value boiler that combines high performance and compact dimensions with competitive pricing.

Narrowly missing out on the no.1 spot, this boiler will be a good fit for many homes throughout the United Kingdom.

Alpha E-Tec Combi boiler front on view

3. Alpha E-Tec 28kW Combi Boiler

The Alpha E-Tec Combi Boiler is a very competitively priced boiler, producing respectable performance figures.


  • Reliability. At the time of writing, we aren’t aware of any reliability issues with the Alpha E-Tec Combi Boiler. 

Reliability and Durability are two different matters, however. We would hazard a guess that this combi boiler may have a shorter lifespan than the likes of a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi.

  • Performance. In 28kW output, the Alpha E-Tec 28kW Combi provides a more than adequate hot water flow rate of 12.1 litres per minute (@ 35 degrees).

This figure only narrowly lags behind the Ideal and Worcester Combi boilers above.

The Alpha E-Tec Combi boiler range also includes more powerful 33kW and 38kW models for homes with higher hot water demands.

  • Style. Although the Alpha E-Tec Combi isn’t the most stylish boiler in our guide, it’s no ugly duckling either.

You could argue that the style of a boiler is irrelevant, particularly when it’s hidden away in a cupboard.

Sometimes it’s worth remembering that your boiler is simply there to provide heating and hot water. 

  • Warranty. The Alpha E-Tec Combi comes with a ten-year warranty as standard depending on the installers you choose.

A boiler manufacturer won’t provide a 10-year warranty if they don’t believe in their boiler’s quality, so this is an excellent sign.

  • Aftercare. Alpha has a dedicated support line that is open six days a week, and they have numerous Alpha trained service engineers in the field to assist with in-warranty breakdowns.
  • Price. This is where the Alpha E-Tec Combi shines. You will be hard pushed to find another combi boiler with the same performance figures, and a ten-year warranty for anywhere near the same price.

Make no mistake about it; this combi boiler is a bargain, which is why it’s really popular.

  • Size. The Alpha E-Tec Combi is compact and will fit in most kitchen cupboards without any trouble. Dimensions (mm) H 712, W 440, D 268


  • Durability. Will this boiler last as long as a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi? I doubt it. That doesn’t mean it will need replacing after the ten year warranty period ends, but I would be mindful that it is a budget combi boiler, and some of the components may not last as long as they do in the more premium boilers available.


In many respects, the Alpha E-Tec Combi boiler is a bit of a miracle!

It performs almost as well as the much more expensive boilers on the market. It fits in tight spaces, and it costs considerably less than just about anything else available.

Oh, and it still comes with a ten-year warranty.

We like this boiler, and we’re rooting for it to do well in the market.

Best combi boiler for reliability

Two worcester bosch greenstar 8000 range boilers

Winner: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi range

Reliability is arguably the essential aspect to consider when assessing the best combi boilers.

Once your new combi boiler is fitted, you just want it to do its job without any fuss.

You certainly don’t want to have to deal with phoning up the boiler manufacturer or installer to report your combi boiler breaking down all the time. Mainly because you probably won’t have heating or hot water whilst you wait for the boiler to be repaired.

In deciding which combi boiler to recommend as the best for reliability, we considered the following:

  • Which? Magazine test results
  • Our database of users
  • Feedback from gas engineers

Overwhelmingly, Worcester came out on top. Which? Magazine rate most Worcester combi boilers as 5/5 for reliability and describe their reliability as “peerless”.

And, after interviewing several gas engineers (we stalked them at the trade counters of several plumbing and heating merchants), we were frequently told that they trusted Worcester for reliability.

A stand-out comment from a gas safe registered engineer was, “I fit Worcester. You get what you pay for.”

I agree, and so we have formed the opinion that this combination boiler is the most reliable on the market currently.

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Best combi boiler warranty

Worcester Bosch 10 Year warranty guarantee

Winner: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi range

A reliable boiler means you hopefully won’t have any need to use the boiler warranty, but there’s always a chance that you’ll run into some sort of issue at some point in the future.

It’s reassuring to know that a manufacturer’s warranty will cover your combi boiler, but what’s even more reassuring is when your boiler has an outstanding warranty.

This was probably the most straightforward category to judge as Worcester Bosch combi boilers are known for their “No Quibble” guarantee.

There isn’t much doubt in the industry about who the top dogs are when it comes to warranty, and Worcester certainly are, which is interesting when you consider that Worcester boilers are the least likely to break down in the first place!

This Worcester Bosch boiler comes with a ten-year warranty as standard when fitted alongside a magnetic filter.

However, the warranty length is only part of the picture as you could have a long warranty on your new combi boiler, but if the warranty doesn’t cover much, it wouldn’t be handy.

Thankfully, Worcester Bosch’s “No Quibble” Guarantee avoids complicated small print, and you can rest assured that any manufacturer defect which causes a fault with your boiler will be covered for parts and labour.

Note: To keep your warranty valid, you must have the boiler serviced by a gas safe registered engineer once per year. Failure to do so will invalidate your warranty and potentially cost you a lot of money if the boiler has to be repaired.

Best combi boiler for tight spaces

Ideal Logic boiler size and clearances required

Winner: Ideal Logic+ Combi range

When considering the best small combi boiler for tight spaces, it’s essential to consider not only the dimensions of the boiler itself but the clearances required.

Each boiler manufacturer has different requirements regarding how much space should be available around where the boiler is installed.

This means that sometimes a boiler that appears to be smaller in size can end up taking up more room than a larger boiler, depending on the clearances that it requires.

After consulting the technical specification sheets for various boilers, we have concluded that the best small combi boiler for tight spaces is the Ideal Logic+ Combi range of boilers.

The Ideal Logic+ Combi range of boilers are just 700mm high, 395mm wide, and 278mm deep. 

This combi boiler requires 165mm of clearance above the boiler and 100mm of clearance below it. Impressively, this combi boiler needs just 2.5mm of clearance at either side of the casing, meaning the total width taken up, including clearances, is 400mm.

This combi boiler only requires 5mm of clearance between the front of the boiler and a cupboard door if it’s installed inside a cupboard.

Overall, a fantastic compact combi boiler, and even better when you consider that it competes with and often leads the way in terms of performance compared with much larger boilers.

Best combi boiler for flats or small houses

Ideal logic plus boiler for small homes

Winner: Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi 

If you have a small flat or small house, you will want a combi boiler that doesn’t take up too much space but still delivers high-performance heating and hot water.

Out of all the boilers on the market today, the Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi stands out for various reasons.

First of all, it’s a compact boiler, and it will fit in most kitchen cupboards or other small spaces.

Secondly, although it’s small, it’s a powerful boiler, with more than enough central heating and hot water output to support a small flat with a single bathroom.

The Ideal Logic+ C30 combi also comes with a seven-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

However, with all that said, the main reason we are recommending the Ideal Logic C30 Combi as the best combi boiler for flats or small houses is its Quiet Mark accreditation.

Quiet Mark accreditation is not an easy thing to achieve, and it means that this combi boiler is officially certified to be whisper quiet.

Quietness is especially useful in a property where the boiler may be situated in a living space or a bedroom. You don’t need to worry about this boiler being noisy as you won’t even notice it’s there!

I say this with some conviction because I live in a flat, and I have an Ideal Logic+ C30 Combi installed in my kitchen. It fits neatly into a kitchen cupboard, and I genuinely don’t notice it’s there.

That’s not to say that all other boilers are loud, far from it, and in particular, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Combi boilers are also very quiet.

But the Ideal Logic+ is the quietest of them all, and coupled with its compact dimensions; it truly is the best combi boiler for flats/small houses.

Converting from a conventional boiler with a hot water cylinder to a compact and quiet Ideal Logic+ combi boiler would be an excellent improvement to any small house or flat.

Best combi boiler for multiple bathrooms

Worcester Bosch 8000 combi boiler for multiple bathrooms

Winner: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi 40kW

If there’s a chance you will need to run more than one hot water outlet simultaneously; you’ll need a more powerful combi boiler. 

Examples of multiple hot water outlets being used at the same time are:

  • Running two showers at the same time
  • Running a bath in one bathroom at the same time as a shower in another bathroom.
  • Running a bath at the same time as running hot water at a sink to do the dishes.

Any time you are running more than one hot water outlet at the same, you are calling on the boiler to produce large amounts of hot water. 

We have assessed the most powerful combi boilers from the top manufacturers and found that the Worcester Bosch 8000 Style Combi 40kW provides an adequate hot water flow rate for most homes where two hot water outlets are used at the same time.

This 40kW combi boiler’s hot water flow rate of 16.4 litres per minute (35 degrees) is impressive, but for homes with even greater hot water requirements, Worcester have even more powerful models available:

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi 45kW. Hot water flow rate: 18.3 litres per minute (35 degrees).
  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi 50kW. Hot water flow rate: 20.3 litres per minute (35 degrees).

20.3 litres per minute (35 degrees) is highly impressive from a combi boiler. Only the floor standing Worcester Bosch Highflow 550 CDi (discussed below) exceeds this figure.

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Storage combi boilers

The internals of a viessmann 222-f storage combi boiler

Storage combis are combi boilers that have hot water cylinders built into them. They promise to provide greater hot water flow rates than standard combi boilers, producing some impressive figures.

However, when I conducted a review of the most popular storage combi boilers available on the market, I found the following:

  • They are hideously expensive.
  • They are much larger than “normal” combi boilers as they have to fit the cylinder inside.
  • They are pretty complex boilers, and therefore could be more likely to fail in the future.
  • They don’t produce flow rates that are significantly higher than high output combi boilers which don’t have integrated cylinders. The higher output “non-storage” combi boilers often outgunned the storage combis in terms of hot water flow rates.

This left me scratching my head a little bit. What’s the point in going to the expense of a storage combi boiler if they don’t produce a much higher hot water flow rate than “non-storage” combi boilers?

So far, I have been unable to answer that question.

It is for that reason that I can’t recommend the best storage combi boiler, and my advice is to avoid “storage combi boilers” at all costs.

The ultimate combi boiler

Worcester Bosch highflow 550cdi the ultimate combi boiler

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow 550 CDi Combi

If you truly want the highest possible hot water flow rate, and you want a combi boiler, the combi boiler with the highest hot water flow rate on the market today, measuring in at an impressive 25 litres per minute (35 degrees), is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow 550 CDi.

This premium combi boiler is a bit of a beast as well as being very expensive. It’s also large and floor-standing. If you have space under the counter in a kitchen or utility room or a garage, the large size of the boiler might not be so much of a problem for you.

We have decided to mention this boiler purely because it is the most potent combi boiler on the market today, and for some people, it might be worth looking into. 

However, for most people who need a higher flow rate than a 30kW combi boiler can provide, the options available in the Worcester Greenstar 8000 Combi range should be more than adequate.

Since we are in the category most concerned with hot water flow rates, it would be remiss of me not to mention that your hot water flow rate will always be determined by the mains water pressure available at your home. 

For homes with low water pressure, a big powerful combi boiler won’t produce the headline hot water flow rate figures discussed above.

And finally, a system boiler may be a better option where hot water requirements are high. System boilers paired up to a hot water cylinder provide a better hot water performance than even the best gas combi boiler.

Best cheap combi boiler

The best affordable combi boiler the alpha e-tec combi

Winner: Alpha E-Tec 28kW Combi

This is an important category and one of the hardest ones to judge.

When considering the best affordable combi boilers, there’s a lot more to look at than simply price. A cheap combi boiler still has to be reliable, and it has to produce good performance figures. Otherwise, there would be no point in saving the money, just to end up with an unreliable combi boiler that wasn’t up to the job.

The Alpha E-Tec Combi boilers range produces some impressive figures. Its flow rate of 12.1 litres per minute (35 degrees) is narrowly behind the more expensive “premium” combi boiler models.

And its compact dimensions mean that it will fit in most kitchen cupboards too.

One of the main reasons I picked this modern combi boiler as our “best cheap combi boiler” is that it comes with a ten-year warranty. The other budget combi boilers I compared this boiler against came with two and 3-year warranty’s.

Pound for pound, I think this boiler punches way above its weight, and it’s a fantastic choice for those of us (most of us) who want a good quality combi boiler but don’t have an unlimited budget to play with.

Combi boiler brands we haven’t recommended

viessmann baxi and vaillant boiler manufacturer logos

Just because we haven’t recommended a specific brand or model of combi boiler doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. 

There are many good combi boilers available in the market today that haven’t made it into this guide, and this doesn’t mean they aren’t up there with the best combi boilers. We would always encourage you to do as much research as possible.

What we can say is that we stand behind the recommendations that we have made, and we have first hand “in the field” experience with the central heating boilers listed above.

A notable absentee from our guide – Viessmann

The viessmann boilers logo

Viessmann is a large German manufacturer of heating appliances and arguably the biggest combi boiler brand if you look at it from a global perspective.

Famed for the stainless steel heat exchanger in the vitodens 100 w, “Why no Viessmann?” You might be asking. Good question. Many heating companies seem to be going on about Viessmann like their boilers are the best thing since sliced bread.

And Viessmann combi boilers are generally of good quality; I just don’t think they are the best combi boilers.

Their premium boilers don’t stack up against Worcester Bosch’s premium boilers, and their budget boiler, the vitodens 050 w, doesn’t provide as much value as the similarly priced boilers from Ideal that they compete with, in our opinion.

In the UK, Viessmann was known initially for their 100-W and 200-W Vitodens range of boilers. They have released a more competitively priced combi boiler into the market in recent years, the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W Combi. 

This boiler is made in Turkey as opposed to Germany, presumably to keep costs down.

Whilst I have nothing against manufacturing in Turkey, the allure of Viessmann is that it is a premium boiler manufacturer, who makes its boilers in Germany. I believe building the 050-W in Turkey is an admission that the Viessmann vitodens 050-W is their budget combi boiler, and so I tend not to include it when assessing the current state of the “premium” boiler market.

Their “budget” gas combi boilers still retain the stainless steel heat exchanger similar to their more premium range gas combi boilers, which is a plus point.

I think it would be more appropriate to compare Viessmann’s 050-W boiler with the likes of the Ideal Logic+ Combi. However, the Ideal Logic boiler is superior to the Viessmann boiler regarding price, performance, compactness, noise level. It does not require an external filling loop to be fitted during the installation. The only point the Vitodens 050 w scores over the Ideal Logic is the use of the stainless steel heat exchanger. (The Ideal uses an aluminium heat exchanger)

All of Ideal’s boilers are manufactured right here in the UK as well. And that matters to me. Either build the boiler here in the UK or go abroad to increase the quality (not to save money), such as Worcester do with their 8000 range made in Germany.

Why can’t Viessmann make their budget boiler in Germany? Why do they have to cut costs so drastically to compete with the likes of Ideal? That concerns me a little bit.

Viessmann vitodens 100 w

The 2021 viessmann vitodens 100-w combi boiler from a side on angle

Going back to Viessmann’s more premium boilers, which are made in Germany, the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Combi is priced to compete with the excellent offerings from Worcester – the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi. 

The Worcester boiler is superior to the Viessmann vitodens 100 w in terms of performance, style, reliability, warranty and aftercare service.

And so again, I just can’t find a reason to recommend Viessmann boilers at this time.

Another issue that wrangles with me slightly is that Viessmann is still very much a German-centric company. Yes, they have an office in the UK, but all of the critical decisions still appear to be made overseas.

This is just a personal opinion of mine, but Viessmann just doesn’t seem to “grasp” the UK boiler market the same way Worcester or Ideal does.

With that said, I will be keeping an eye on developments with Viessmann boilers. It will be interesting to see if they begin to mount more of a challenge to Worcester, perhaps with the introduction of new boilers or price cuts to their more premium models, such as the vitodens 100 w.

There are plenty of other makes of combi boilers we haven’t mentioned yet, including brands such as BAXI, Potterton, Vaillant, and others.

All of these brands have good combi boilers in their range, and it may be worth taking a look to see if any of them produce a particular boiler that takes your fancy. 

Baxi boilers

The Baxi boiler manufacturer logo

A long-established British brand, Baxi combi boilers are generally of good quality. Whilst their current range of combi boilers is good, and you could do a lot worse than buying one, they haven’t been able to come out on top in any of our main categories.

Vaillant boilers

The Vaillant boiler manufacturer logo

Another notable absentee, Vaillant, produce some good boilers from their Vaillant Ecotec range, such as the Vaillant Ecotec plus combi.

However, the Vaillant Ecotec plus combi finds itself in premium territory price-wise, and it isn’t able to beat the equivalent offering from Worcester. The Vaillant Ecotec range of boilers is still worth considering, and in particular, the Vaillant Ecotec plus is an excellent boiler.

In addition to the Vaillant Ecotec plus, the Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive is designed for homes with heavier hot water demands.

The little brother to the Vaillant Ecotec plus, the Ecotec pro, is designed for use in smaller homes such as 1-2 bedroom flats.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best combi boiler on the market?

In our opinion, the best combi boiler on the market is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style. We have decided this based on outright performance, reliability, style, and quietness.

Is Vaillant better than Worcester Bosch?

No. Vaillant makes good boilers, but we consider the flagship Worcester boilers superior to the flagship Vaillant boilers. This is not to say that you wouldn’t be happy with a Vaillant boiler such as a Vaillant Ecotec plus combi, but currently, we prefer Worcester combi boilers.

What is the best combi boiler for a three-bedroom house?

If you are not restricted by budget, we would recommend the Worcester 8000 range. If budget or available space is a concern, we would recommend the Logic+ Combi from Ideal Boilers.

Which combi boiler has the best flow rate?

The combi boiler with the best flow rate is the Worcester Greenstar Highflow 550 CDi, with a flow rate of 25 litres per minute.

Which are the best oil combi boilers?

We have a whole article dedicated to oil boilers, including oil combi boilers, regular boilers, and system boilers. Check it out here.

Which is the best boiler brand?

Based on reviews and Which? magazine data, the best boiler brand is currently Worcester Bosch.

Are combi boilers suitable for large homes?

Choosing the best boiler for a large home depends typically on the hot water demands of the property. If the demands are high, a system boiler with a hot water cylinder is usually more suitable.

Getting the best combi boiler deal 

Getting the best deal on your new combi boiler isn’t as hard as it used to be. Gone are the days of calling around heating companies and local heating engineers to arrange a quote.

Rather than sitting at home for hours waiting (hoping) for someone to turn up, you can get all of the information at your fingertips in a matter of minutes.

Combi boiler installation cost

Why not get your combi boiler prices today? You’ll get free combi boiler quotes and find your best boiler in as little as 60 seconds!

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