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We are experts at helping you find the best price for a new boiler with gas safe engineer installation.

We have partnered with the best national boiler companies to provide a frictionless way to get a new boiler completely online.

It takes only a few seconds to get a fixed price from our partners, and you can see instantly what your new boiler will cost, as well as the pay monthly options including interest-free finance, and boiler finance with no deposit required.

The best part is that you can arrange your new boiler installation fully online, without having to speak to anyone (unless you want to!).

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The modern way to buy a new boiler

If you’re looking for a new boiler, you’ve probably already considered the traditional options of calling a local engineer or your energy provider, but for some reason, these options haven’t quite hit the spot.

Now you’re on our website, and you’re wondering what all this “buy your boiler online” stuff is about. Let us break it down for you.

The process of buying a new boiler used to be slow and expensive, and that’s bad because people often need a new boiler fitted fast, and they want to pay a fair price.

And, like everything else in the 21st century, the internet came to the rescue!

The fact is, most of the time spent with a salesperson in your home is unnecessary. And that process makes the boiler cost more too.

All of the questions that need to be asked to provide a new boiler quote can be asked online. And by doing it online, the pricing is fair and consistent. It’s also quite a bit cheaper because the competition online is fierce.

Let’s put this into perspective.

You can now get an instant quote for a brand new boiler, check out the boiler warranties and boiler finance options and then go on to book the installation, often available next day, in minutes, without ever speaking to anyone.

It borders on spooky! But it works, and it works very well because it puts the customers’ convenience at the heart of the process and somehow brings costs down at the same time as speeding things up massively!

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Which boilers are available?

Our partners have a huge range of replacement boilers, so whether you’re are after a combi boiler or a regular boiler to go with your hot water cylinder, you’ll find it all here. All the top boiler manufacturers are available, including Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Viessmann.

Many of the boilers on offer come with 10 year manufacturers warranty, so you don’t have to worry about expensive and inconvenient boiler repairs well into the future.

As well as boilers, you can also get an instant quote for accessories including smart thermostats and radiator valves.

Combi boilers

Diagram of combi boiler layout

The combi boiler is the most popular boiler in the UK today. It’s ability to provide heating and hot water from a single appliance without the need for a hot water cylinder or a header tank in the loft is still as impressive today as it was when they were first introduced 30 years ago.

A new combi boiler today is also a much more efficient boiler than the models introduced in the ’80s, and so if you’re boiler dates back over 20 years, you will probably save a lot of money on your gas bills by upgrading to a modern combi boiler.

Combi boiler finance is available with a rapid application process via our installation partners.

Regular (heat only) boilers

For homes that have heavier hot water demands, a regular boiler teamed up with a hot water cylinder is often a safer bet than a combi.

This is because the hot cylinder can support multiple hot water outlets in use at the same time without a drop in performance.

If you have more than two bathrooms which are in regular use, it’s worth considering a heat only boiler.

You will still make good savings on your energy bills compared to an old boiler due to the modern condensing technology present inside.

diagram of regular (heat only) boiler layout

System boilers

disgram of system boiler layout

Similar to a regular boiler, a system boiler makes use of a hot water cylinder to deliver hot water to your taps and showers.

These boilers differ from regular boilers in that a header tank in the loft is not required. This is a great benefit if you need lots of hot water but don’t want to take up any unnecessary space in the loft.

A system boiler also houses a lot of the components usually found external to the boiler inside its casing, such as the pump and expansion vessel.

This saves space and makes it easier to have this type of boiler installed in a kitchen cupboard.

Paying for your new boiler

Pay monthly boiler finance

A new boiler purchase is often required at the most inconvenient time. It can sometimes seem as though your boiler knows your financial circumstances and has decided to inflict some extra pain!

Fear not, as pay monthly boiler schemes are available to make your new boiler installation more affordable, enabling you to spread the cost of the cash price into manageable monthly chunks. It’s for this reason that most homeowners decide to get their boiler installed using some form of monthly repayment plan.

The first step to get your new boiler on finance is to get your instant fixed price online. From there you can view the various boiler finance options available on a full range of boilers including all the top boiler brands.

New boilers on finance in more detail: how does it work?

The first step to getting a finance plan for your new boiler installation is to get an instant quote and decide which type of boiler you would like from the options displayed.

If you’re unsure about which boiler would be best for your home, check out our helpful guide which explains the different types of boiler available.

Once you’ve decided which new boiler package you would like, and you’re happy with the price, it’s time to consider the boiler payment plans which are displayed on-screen.

Note: If you want to pay the whole amount in one payment, this option is available and the total amount payable is the cash price you see on the screen.

If you want to pay for your new boiler on finance, you will be able to see the various pay monthly options displayed next to the pricing details of the new boiler. You can add an upfront payment if you want to keep the monthly repayments lower but remember there is a limit on the amount of deposit you can pay as each pay monthly plan has a minimum loan amount.

Once you have found the boiler finance plan you are happy with you will be guided to start the application process where you will have to answer a few questions online before submitting the application. The great thing about this is that it’s all done seamlessly without having to speak to anyone.

Once you’ve submitted the application, a credit check will be performed, and the results will come back, usually instantly, to let you know if you have been accepted.

Your new boiler will then be fitted without delay!

mobile phone screen showing that an application for finance has been approved

Types of boiler finance

Interest free boiler finance

If you really want to maximise your savings when getting a replacement boiler, a 0% interest free boiler can seem like a clever way to do it.

However, not all boiler companies offer 0% interest free boilers as part of their new boiler replacement offer. And the terms of the 0% interest free deal can vary between installers, so it’s worth it to pay attention to the small details.

The length of the interest free period is quite important. An interest free period of 12 months or more is considered to be quite good, with some installers offering as much as 24 months 0% interest free finance.

It’s worth noting that interest free might not be the best option if you don’t think you are going to be able to pay for the boiler within the 12 or 24 month interest free period. If the loan isn’t cleared by the end of the interest free period, it will roll over into a standard loan.

To find out more about interest free boiler finance, start by getting yourself an instant quote in under a minute.

Interest bearing finance

illustration showing interest rates in relation to a home related purchase e.g. a new boiler on finance

Of course, the other more common option is a standard loan where the interest rates are set, and you repayments over a set period of time, usually between 2 and 10 years.

Why would you want to pay interest instead of interest free?

The first reason is that it might be more affordable for you to be paying interest on your new boiler.

This is because with an interest bearing pay monthly boiler plan you can normally spread the cost of the monthly payments over a much longer period of time.

Pay monthly boiler plans of up to 10 years are usually available, and this has the effect of keeping the monthly repayments lower than they would be on an interest free finance agreement.

Aside from low monthly payments, the other big benefit of this type of boiler on finance agreement is that you are normally able to pay off the balance of the boiler finance early with no exit fees, saving on the interest that would have been paid if you let the finance plan run its full course.

Boilers on finance frequently asked questions

Can you buy boilers on finance?

Yes. It is very common for homeowners to buy new boilers using some form of boiler finance. One of the big benefits of boiler finance is that it allows customers to get a new boiler installed without panicking about making a large or any upfront payment.

Is a deposit required?

It’s completely up to you whether you want to make an upfront payment or not. Remember that the size of the monthly payments required towards your boiler finance will be affected by any deposit you pay, so if you pay a large upfront payment, you will have less to pay monthly and vice versa.

Which types of boiler are available on pay monthly boiler finance?

You can get boiler finance on all types of new boilers, including combi boilers, regular boilers or even a full central heating system.

How can I get a new boiler with bad credit?

We get asked a common question about the effect of “bad credit” when customers are interested in paying monthly for a boiler replacement. The fact is, a bad credit score will probably affect your chances of passing a credit check. Still, it’s very difficult to say how much as our boiler installation partners are credit brokers, and therefore they often have multiple options available.

Can I buy a boiler and pay monthly?

If you sign up to buy a boiler on finance, you will likely make monthly payments via direct debit. This information will be displayed clearly when you go get yourself a quote for your new boiler. You must make sure that you sign up to manageable monthly payments and avoid boiler financing, which would potentially cause any financial difficulty.

Where can I get the best boiler finance deals?

If you are interested in paying for your boiler via boiler finance, it’s well worth checking out multiple quotes to find the best deal. Several online providers offer boilers on finance. Just make sure you are comfortable making the monthly repayment before committing.

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